A Traveling Exhibition by Artists 

Linda Alterwitz and Elizabeth Stone

About the Exhibition

Detail of "Martha" from the series JUST BREATHE                                             Detail of "January 2012" from the series 40 MOONS

By Linda Alterwitz                                                                                                                          By Elizabeth Stone

Brought together for the first time, this combined exhibition "EARTHBORN: 30 SECONDS TO 40 MOONS" offers viewers two separate bodies of work from two visual artists that investigate experiences that bind us to one another. Each artist, integrating science and art, explores how to make visible the elusive cycles of human existence by transforming the intensely personal in to the universal.

"Artists Linda Alterwitz and Elizabeth Stone shared motivation

 is to demonstrate our intrinsic connectivity into a vessel, 

capable of transporting us beyond time and place."

J. Sybylla Smith, Independent Curator/Author

Installation view of JUST BREATHE by Linda Alterwitz, The Studio at Sahara West, Las Vegas, NV, 2015

Installation view of 40 MOONS by Elizabeth Stone, Granary Art Center, Ephraim, UT, 2016

Download a PDF Exhibition Proposal

EARTHBORN_30Secondsto40Moons (pdf)


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