educational programming

Alterwitz and Stone offer a variety of educational components in conjunction with this exhibition. They will be available for gallery talks and discussions about their works, creative writing exercises, hands on workshops and can work closely with your community and educators.

As an underlying theme, Alterwitz and Stone encourage reflection toward the basic elements of life that are often the most taken for granted - being alive and appreciating the individual connections each of us have to the earth, our surroundings, and the people that connect us with a sense of place. Experienced instructors, the artists stimulate critical thinking in students and groups of all ages. In each of the presentations, the artists ask these questions:

"What does it really mean to be earthborn? What if we could leave this planet? Would we choose to remain here? What reasons exist to remain connected to Earth?"

Options of on-site/on-campus collaborative public programming | Professional practices workshops: 

Art-making - Artists Alterwitz and Stone will lead a joint workshop in which each participant can create their own art object. Materials to collage, draw and sculpt will be on hand for participants to create two-dimensional or three-dimensional art pieces. Finished works will hang from a grid framework floating from the ceiling, adding to a joint installation piece, created for this workshop by Alterwitz and Stone. The final piece will reflect a unique earth inspired universe. 

Written word - Elizabeth Stone will lead a small group in creative writing exercises to encourage participants to consider the photograph as an object, work of art and springboard for learning. Careful observation of the art pieces will be fostered to initiate discussion, introduce new vocabulary and inspire imaginative thinking and writing.

Breathing Portraits - Linda Alterwitz will assist participants in creating portraits capturing their individual breathing patterns. Image will be printed as 4" x 4" photographs and hang in a separate grid within the venue, representing the life force of the people living within your community.

Alterwitz and Stone prepare for educational programming, 2018

Alterwitz and Stone prepare for educational programming, 2018